UMG/Interscope RecordsOneRepublic and Logic have joined forces for a new song off the 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack.

The song, called “Start Again,” is about regretting past decisions and wanting to go back in time to change things. The lyrics mimic what many of the teens in the show are going through — particularly main character Clay Jensen, who deals with the guilt of not doing more to help his friend Hannah Baker, who takes her own life.

“Can I just turn back the clock and forgive my sins?/I just wanna roll my sleeves up and start again/I know that I messed it up time and time again/I just wanna roll my sleeves up and start again,” OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder sings on the chorus.

The 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack will be released May 18, the same day season two of the show premieres on Netflix.

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