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lovelytheband is glad you love “Broken”…but the crying and the tattoos freak them out a little

ABC/Eric McCandless“Broken” is the song that put lovelytheband on the map — it not only topped Billboards Adult Pop Songs chart, but earned them two Billboard Music Award nominations. They performed the tune Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America, mashed up with their current single, “Maybe, I’m Afraid.”  Lead singer Mitchy Collins says he thinks he knows why so many fans connect with the track.

“I think that it hits home with a lot of people,” he tells ABC Radio. “In a sense that, y’know, everyone’s got their stuff. Everyone’s got issues and sometimes you forget that other people struggle, just like you do. And it’s a nice reminder that you’re not the only one.”

Fans connecting with a song is one thing; dealing with over-emotional fans is another.  Thanks to the success of “Broken,” lovelytheband is getting recognized more, and Mitchy admits they sometimes have a hard time handling it.

“I’ve gotten the polite, ‘Hey, [I’m a] fan of your music,'” [and] the really aggressive [ones]…like, I’m walking and they grab my arm and turn me around,” he explains.

“And then I’ve gotten the emotional fans — I never really know how to take that one,” he adds. “Because I’m just like, ‘Uh….are you O.K.?’ Like, they just burst into tears. I’m like, ‘I appreciate this, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do right now!'”

But the most impactful thing fans do, Mitchy says, is come to concerts with tattoos of the band’s song titles or lyrics.

“Yeah, there’s been a bunch, and that’s always the craziest thing to me,” he tells ABC Radio. “[I]t’s an honor, but at the same time, it’s kind of a ‘whoa!’ kind of feeling.”

Currently, lovelytheband is gearing up for a European fall tour, and contemplating its second album.

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We know what they’re doing this summer: Shawn and Camila photographed smooching in San Francisco

John Shearer/Getty Images for MTVThey can deny that they’re dating all they want, but now there’s actual proof that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are more than friends.

TMZ has posted photos and video of the two kissing twice: on Friday at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe in San Francisco, and on Saturday at a different cafe in the City by the Bay. Shawn was in San Francisco to perform as part of his ongoing world tour.

When a fan asked Shawn directly not long ago if he and Camila were dating, he just spread his arms out and shook his head. But it appears as though he wasn’t being truthful.

Shawn and Camila are enjoying a joint hit right now with “Señorita,” along with a steamy video, which first convinced fans that there was something going on between the two singers. 

Camila, 22, and Shawn, 20, have been friends since 2015, when they scored the hit duet, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

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Ed Sheeran planning R&R in Africa after two-year tour wraps up next month

Mark SurridgeEd Sheeran will wrap up his two-year-long Divide tour August 26 in his hometown of Ipswich, England. After that, he’ll take a well-deserved break and plans to get away from it all…in the extreme.

Ed tells the British tabloid The Sun, “I’ve got to get back to Africa. After the tour I want to go and chill out there. I was in Ghana a few years back and I loved it. Now I need to go to Nigeria. I heard the jollof rice is really good there.”

Jollof rice is an African specialty, made with rice, tomatoes, oil, peppers, onions, salt, spices and sometimes meat or fish.

Ed is, of course, no stranger to taking adventurous trips: He and his wife Cherry visited Cambodia in May, and a while back, when Ed decided to drop out of sight for a while, they traveled the world, visiting countries including Fiji, Italy and Australia.

Meanwhile, Ed’s new album No. 6 Collaborations Project is on track to top the chart in his native U.K., while three songs from the project will likely land in the top five on the singles ranking: “Beautiful People,” “Remember the Name” and “Take Me Back to London.”

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‘Quiet’, on the set: John Krasinski tweets that the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’ is underway

Paramount Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — While the project’s plot is still hush-hush — pun intended — writer-director John Krasinski has revealed that the sequel to his hit directorial debut, A Quiet Place, has started shooting.

“Part II,” he captioned simply, in reference to a snap of a movie “clapper board” in his tweet.

The follow-up to his thriller, in which Krasinski and his real life-wife Emily Blunt played parents trying to silently survive with their family amid an invasion of monsters that track their prey by sound, is slated for release next March.

Made for a relatively slim budget of $17 million, Krasinski’s film went on to earn nearly $341 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Blunt returns for the sequel, as do Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe as the couple’s two older children.

Dark Knight series star Cillian Murphy has also quietly — sorry again — joined the sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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‘Captain Marvel’ star Lashsana Lynch won’t be James Bond — but she may be the new “007”

Photo Credit: Dave Allocca © 2019 Danjaq, LLC and MGM. All Rights Reserved.(LONDON) — Lashana Lynch will reportedly make history with her upcoming role in the next James Bond film, which for now is being called Bond 25.

According to multiple reports, including U.K.s Metro, Lynch has been tapped to play 007 in the movie — but not James Bond himself.  Daniel Craig will be back as Bond, but in the beginning of the film, he’s retired from the spy game, so Lynch will reportedly come in as a new agent who takes over his infamous 007 code name.

The report states, “There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says ‘Come in, 007’, and in walks Lashana, who is black, beautiful and a woman.”

If the report is accurate, Lynch would be the first black actor, and the the first female actor, to carry the “007” title.  The new gig could also possibly establish a spinoff for her 007 character in forthcoming Bond films.

Bond 25 also stars Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Rami Malek, Ana De Armas, Christoph Waltz, Billy Magnussen, Dali Benssalah and Ben Whishaw.

Bond 25 is set to hit theaters on April 8, 2020.

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Things get serious in the trailer for the ‘Kingsman’ prequel ‘The King’s Man’

20th Century Fox(LOS ANGELES) — Director Matthew Vaughn launched his Kingsman movies to bring the fun back to the spy genre, but things get deadly serious in the new trailer to the series’ prequel, The King’s Man.

In the original movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, Colin Firth’s Harry Hart tells Taron Egerton’s Eggsy about the history of the international spy agency, which started in a tailor shop. Since 1849, the shop’s tailors had dressed some of the world’s most powerful people, but World War I left many of them of those powerful people without heirs. And so instead, Harry explains, they pooled their fortunes to create an international agency to “preserve peace and protect life.”

The King’s Man dives with both feet into that backstory, and into the mud and blood of the First World War. The preview begins with a kilted soldier running across a battlefield in slow motion, carrying an injured comrade on his back.

“Real power is not running off to war,” Ralph Fiennes’ Duke of Oxford tells a protege, played by Harris Dickinson. “I know you want to fight. But there are other ways of doing your duty” — before revealing the storefront of the Kingsman shop/HQ.

The film will feature the Kingsmen tangling with a collection of “history’s worst tyrants and madmen,” who are trying to bring about the end of the world.

“It’s a great big, big epic adventure,” Vaughn tells ABC Radio, adding that it’s based on the classic The Man Who Would Be King, starring Sean Connery and original Kingsman star Michael Caine.

“A lot of filmmakers borrow from it,” Vaughn says, adding with a laugh: “I’ve just joined the list.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

The King’s Man comes out Feb. 14, 2020.

A modern-set Kingsman sequel with Firth and Egerton is also in the works.

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Former boxing champ Pernell ‘Sweet Pea’ Whitaker fatally struck by car

Scott Heavey/Getty Images(VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.) — Former welterweight boxing champion Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker died after he was hit by a car in Virginia Beach Sunday night, police said.

Emergency dispatchers received a call just after 10 p.m. that Whitaker, 55, was struck at the intersection of Northampton Boulevard and Baker Road, according to a press release from the Virginia Beach Police department.

Whitaker died from his injuries at the scene, police said.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to police.

The former millionaire made headlines in 2014 after he won a court case to evict his mother from a home in Norfolk he gave to her in the 1980s in order to pay his bills.

Whitaker won a gold medal in the lightweight division at the 1982 World Championships and the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007.

Whitaker was a native of Norfolk, Virginia, and worked as a trainer after he retired from boxing.

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Former Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan to end NFL career at age 30

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Derrick Morgan says he is retiring from the NFL at the age of 30, hoping to achieve a greater impact outside of football, ESPN reports.

The former Tennessee Titans linebacker spent nine seasons with the team after being chosen with he 16th overall pick in the 2010 draft.

Now a free agent, Morgan came to the end of a four-year $27 million deal with the completion of the 2018 season. It was during that season that Morgan missed three games to recover from knee and shoulder injuries, according to ESPN.

Morgan, who has been involved previously in startup businesses and real estate, recently told ESPN that football has taught him about the “power of influence,” and that his “purpose in life is bigger than the game.”

“My goal is to create better and more meaningful opportunities for marginalized communities to break the cycles of generational poverty and build greater wealth and economic mobility,” he told ESPN. “I feel a deep responsibility to leverage my platform for this.”

Morgan said he plans to get to work on a large project that will impact his hometown community in Coatesville, Pa.

According to ESPN, Morgan finishes his career with 305 tackles and 44.5 sacks — a sack total that places him sixth in the all time combined history of the Houston Oilers and the Titans.

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Lakers’ Anthony Davis pass on USA training camp, sources say

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Anthony Davis won’t participate in September’s FIBA Basketball World Cup and the USA Basketball training camp, sources have confirmed to ESPN. Davis, just introduced as a Los Angeles Laker on Saturday, has opted to focus on the upcoming season instead.

Though Davis has not ruled out the possibility of playing for the 2020 U.S. Olympic team, league sources told ESPN, the Lakers player — for now — wants to prioritize the needs of this new team in the offseason and help to secure a Lakers championship win.

Yahoo Sports first reported Davis’ decision to sit out of the USA Basketball training camp in Las Vegas next month.

Davis, who played on the 2012 USA Olympic team as well as the 2014 national team at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, recently joined the Lakers in a blockbuster trade deal in June.
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Revisiting the heart-stopping moments before Apollo 11 landed on the moon with the world watching

ABC News(NEW YORK) — Fifty years ago this week, the Apollo 11 astronauts — Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins — suited up as America waited with bated breath: would the trio be the first Americans to set foot on the moon?

It was a grand, new goal that was first set by President John F. Kennedy.

“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth,” he said in May 1961.

Astronauts who were preparing for the U.S. first lunar mission followed a complex training program. There were simulations. They walked in their spacesuits. They completed tests in the water.

Americans counted the days — with so many questions about the mission — as did NASA. And then it was time.

On July 16, 1969, families across the U.S. gathered in their living rooms — and hundreds of millions around the world — watched as the Apollo 11 lifted off into space.

After traveling 240,000 miles in 76 hours, Apollo 11 entered in a lunar orbit. The next day, the lunar module Eagle, with Armstrong and Aldrin inside, separated from the command module where Collins remained.

Hours later, the Eagle began its descent to the moon. But then, there was an alarm.

“12-02. Standby,” Mission Control could be heard saying.

Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston housed the engineers and flight directors who worked tirelessly to ensure Apollo 11’s mission was a success.

A “12-02” alarm meant that the lunar module’s computer was overloaded. If the problem could not be corrected, the landing would need to be aborted.

“Give us a reading on the 12-02 program alarm,” Armstrong could be heard saying.

The control room responded with silence.

They would continue with the mission.

Armstrong flew the lunar module manually, evading boulders in their planned landing location. With the fuel running critically low, Apollo flight director Gene Kranz, back in Mission Control, gave a 60-seconds-to-abort warning.

Critical minutes passed and then Armstrong could be heard saying: “The Eagle has landed.”

“Roger, Tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You’ve got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot,” Mission Control could be heard responding.

“Thank you,” Aldrin said.

Then, there was the sound of applause in Apollo Mission Control in Houston as some wiped away tears.

Armstrong bounded across the moon’s surface on July 20, 1969. From the moon, he said those famous words: “That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

Nineteen minutes later, it was Aldrin’s turn to take his first steps.

“Beautiful view!” he said.

President Richard Nixon spoke to Aldrin and Armstrong while they were in space, telling them: “I just can’t tell you how proud we all are.”

Yet, back in Apollo Mission Control in Houston, after the cheering and the tears, they knew they had a lot of work still left to do as they guided the men back home.

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Security guard pleads not guilty after pulling gun on Ohio sheriff’s deputy in IRS office

iStock(TOLEDO, Ohio) — A security guard at an IRS office in Toledo, Ohio, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges stemming from an incident in which he allegedly pulled a gun on a sheriff’s deputy in full uniform who refused orders leave his service weapon in his car.

The security guard, Seth Eklund, 33, entered his plea in Lucus County Common Pleas Court to one count of aggravated menacing stemming from the encounter with Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Gaston.

The episode unfolded on May 31 when Gaston went to the IRS office in Toledo to ask a question about a letter he received from the agency, he told ABC affiliate station WTVG-TV.

Instead of getting an answer, Gaston got an order from Eklund to leave his gun in his car, Gaston refused.

“There’s really no way to know how you’re going to act when there’s a gun pointed at you and when you think you’re going to lose your life,” Gaston told WTVG.

The incident was captured on surveillance video and shows Gaston in full uniform and badge with his weapon holstered at his side.

Gaston, who is a defensive tactics instructor, said that when he told Eklund he couldn’t take his gun back to his car, he said the security guard pulled his own handgun and aimed it at him.

The security video shows Gaston turning and walking away from Eklund, who followed the deputy pointing a gun at his back. The footage shows Eklund following Gaston to an elevator and blocking the elevator doors from closing.

At one point, according to Gaston and the video, Eklund attempted to place the deputy into custody.

Gaston said he vividly remembered the encounter, saying he was “bracing for a shot in my back.”

Eklund could not be reached for comment. It is unclear if he has retained an attorney.

Toledo police were called to the scene to investigate the disturbance, but the unidentified 911 caller never told a dispatcher that the incident involved a sheriff’s deputy in uniform.

Gaston said he attempted to de-escalate the situation because he feared for the safety of people at the office.

“If I’m going to get shot, like I thought I was, it’s not fair,” Gaston said.

Gaston, who is on medical leave from the sheriff’s office and his wife, filed a civil lawsuit against Eklund and the security company he works for; alleging emotional and psychological distress and lost wages.

Asked if he had a message for Eklund, Gaston said, “I would say, ‘Clearly your training is lacking and the fact that you went from 0 to 100, lethal force is unacceptable.'”

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Two women at a Burger King tell manager to ‘go back to Mexico’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(EUSTIS, Fla.) — The video of a heated exchange between a Burger King manager and two white customers who told him to “go back to Mexico” has gone viral.

Neyzha Borrero of Eustis, Florida, was grabbing a bite to eat at a local Burger King with her boyfriend earlier this month when she overheard two women say they were offended after they overheard the Burger King manager, Ricardo “Ricky” Castillo, speak to one of his employees in Spanish. That’s when Borrero started filming.

In the video, one of the women can be heard telling Castillo, “You’re being very rude,” after hearing him speak Spanish.

“No, you’re being rude by being prejudiced,” Castillo replies.

The conversation escalates when one of the women says, “This is America and our main language is English…Go speak your Mexican at home!”

“Guess what ma’am, I’m not Mexican,” Castillo responds. “You’re being very prejudiced and I want you out of my restaurant right now.”

Castillo then threatens to call the police after one of the women tells him to “go back to Mexico” if he wants to keep speaking Spanish.

“I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do,” Castillo told ABC News. “I wasn’t going to call the cops,” he admitted. “I was raised to respect my elders and I wasn’t going to do that to them.”

This past weekend, outrage erupted after a series of tweets from President Donald Trump seemingly aimed at progressive freshman Democratic congresswomen of color.

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came?” he wrote.

Trump’s comments were widely criticized by Democratic lawmakers, many of whom characterized his attacks as racist.

Many on social media have described the refrain “go back to your country” as a common attack against people of color in the U.S.

Last year, a Sikh man was attacked and told to go back to his country while he was putting up campaign signs near Turlock, California.

Castillo, who has worked as the general manager for the Burger King in Eustis for a year and a half, said he has never experienced anything like this, but added he isn’t surprised. He hopes the video serves as a lesson on how people should treat others.

“Everybody has their different opinions, nobody is the same,” said Castillo. “We’re all human beings and we deserve to be treated with respect.”

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Mystery of teen who vanished in Rome in 1980s, Emanuela Orlandi, takes another twist

Franco Origlia/Getty Images(ROME) — Another twist was added to the already perplexing mystery and 36-year search for Emanuela Orlandi, the 15-year-old Italian girl who went missing in 1983 without a trace in the center of busy Rome.

The Vatican announced Saturday that following research and further investigation, two containers were found under a stone slab at the Teutonic Cemetery that could contain the missing bones of two 19th -century German princesses.

Last week, acting on a tip in the Orlandi case, Vatican officials opened two tombs belonging to two the noblewomen, but found no remains, either of the noblewomen or missing girl.

When the tombs turned up empty the Vatican recalled that there had been structural work done on the cemetery as recently as the 1960’s and 70’s, and suggested that perhaps the bones had been moved during this work.

The Vatican said the area and containers have been sealed until this coming weekend, when forensic experts, representatives of the Orlandi family, descendants of the German princesses and Vatican officials will gather to open them. Experts should be able to roughly date the bones in the first few hours but more extensive forensic tests could take up to 60 days.

The Orlandi family lawyer, Laura Sgro, told ABC News today that she and the family had been invited to the unsealing appointment Saturday. She said she thought it was “necessary that this be done as the remains of the two princesses has to be confirmed.”

The Vatican has always denied its involvement in or knowledge of what happened to Emanuela, whose father was a Vatican employee. Vatican officials insist they do not have information to solve the mystery and maintain they have always been close to the family and always been supportive of them.

Theories have circulated in Italy for decades as to what may have happened to Emanuela and if she died, where her body may lie. Multiple false leads, anonymous letters, conspiracy theories and supposed sightings of Emanuela in distant countries have been pursued; none leading to anything concrete so far.

This is also not the first time tombs or possible burial sites have been exhumed in search of Emanuela’s remains. Last November, Roman prosecutors announced that bones found in annex to the Vatican’s Embassy to Italy were not Emanuela’s.

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Suspect detained in murder of American biologist in Crete, Greece

Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden(NEW YORK) — Greek police are questioning a suspect in the murder of the American biologist who was found dead in an abandoned World War II bunker on the island of Crete last week.

The suspect is a 27-year-old man from Kissamos, a town about 20 miles away from Chania, where Suzanne Eaton was attending a conference, Eleni Papathanassiou, spokesperson for Crete’s police department, told ABC News. He was detained just days after police obtained DNA evidence from nearly a dozen people who live nearby.

Crucial evidence left behind in the bunker, which was built by Nazis after they occupied Crete in 1941, may have led to the man’s detainment. A high level police source, who spoke to ABC News on Sunday on the condition of anonymity, would not give details on exactly what the evidence was, but said it would shed more light on the identity of the killer.

Eaton, a U.S. citizen and a research group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, was in Crete to attend a conference and vanished on July 2.

Investigators were searching for men with muscular builds and the ability to overpower Eaton, who was an avid runner and held a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. They also requested data records from local mobile phone companies in hopes that they may identify the person or people who left Eaton’s body in the bunker.

Eaton fought for her life when she was attacked with someone with a knife, a police source told ABC News. Her body had substantial injuries from a knife that was “defensive” in nature, the source said.

Her cause of death was ruled a murder by asphyxiation, police said.

Coroner Antonis Papadomanolakis told Greece’s ANT1 News that “something complicated happened” during Eaton’s death, stating that it was “not immediate” and “there was duration involved.”

It has not been determined whether Eaton died in the bunker or if she was killed somewhere else and had her body left there.

Eaton is native of Oakland, California, and is survived by her husband and two sons. Her remains will be returned to the U.S. for burial.

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Investigation underway at Heathrow Airport as boy boards plane to LA without ticket

pabst_ell/iStock(LONDON) — A police investigation is underway at Heathrow, London’s biggest airport, after a 12-year-old boy managed to slip past security and board a plane headed to Los Angeles despite not having a ticket.

The British Airways cabin crew found the boy on board the aircraft on July 14 and asked to see his boarding pass.

The boy is believed to have been screened at airport security. Investigators, however, are looking into how he managed to bypass checks at the gate and board the plane.

“He was identified by cabin crew during pre-flight check. He did not have a ticket or any travel documents,” a spokesman for Scotland Yard said. “The boy was an unaccompanied minor. He is not a UK national. As a security precaution, passenger de-planed following a discussion between police and the captain. The child is believed to have arrived at Heathrow as a transit passenger.”

According to passenger Rachel Richardson, the incident caused several hours of delays. She said she saw police with dogs arriving on the scene shortly after all passengers were escorted off the plane.

“So I survived my six hour wait at Heathrow but am now delayed on the tarmac because a young boy made his way onto our plane – BA269 – without a ticket,” she tweeted. “Big security breach. So much fun for everyone on board. We were meant to take off at 4.15pm. It’s nearly 6pm.”

Passengers reported that the entire plane was screened by security again after the breach. The plane took off five hours after its original departure time.

British Airways said in a statement: “We have apologized to our customers for the delay to their flight after an issue during boarding. The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our top priority and everyone who had boarded the aircraft had been subject to security checks. We conducted additional precautionary screening as soon as this issue came to light and we are assisting the police with their inquiries.”

The Telegraph reported that the boy refused to leave the aircraft at first but was eventually removed from the plane by police officers who arrived to assist the British Airways flight crew.

A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport said in a statement, “We are working with our police colleagues and British Airways to understand how an unauthorized passenger boarded the incorrect aircraft. The individual did not represent a security risk and, purely as a precaution, the aircraft in question was re-screened and has since departed. We apologize for the disruption and will continue working closely with the authorities and our airline partners to keep the airport safe.”

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